Scientific research projects


The Biounik Ltd. Company has been approved three projects. The first is the project of the National Agency for Regional Development of Serbia with a title ‘Biostimulator in Wheat Seed Additional Processing (Triticum aestivum)L’, which started in March 2013 and included the examination of effect of various concentrations of auxins of bacterial origin to the germination of 10 types of wheat seeds. Also, the optimum time of preservation of seed treated with the biostimulator was tested. The project was completed successfully in March 2014. As a result of the project research, we got optimum auxin concentrations that significant stimulate the growth of tree and root in the early phases of wheat seed development, as foreseen that seeds treated with this biostimulator may be preserved for a longer period not losing the germination energy thereby.

In June 2013, Biounik was approved the ‘New biostimulator in corn seed processing’ project by the Innovation Activity Fund, under the sponsorship of the European Union and the World Bank. This is a huge research of effect of several auxin concentrations (of bacterial origin), time of its application and time of preservation of seeds treated with newly created biostimulator. The project includes testing seeds of 6 different corn hybrids from 5 eminent seed production companies from home and the region. The project id planned to be completed in November 2014.  

In July 2014, our company was approved the ‘Silage Inoculants’ project by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. Research within the project is based on the creation of corn silage inoculants from the existing indigenous breed of bacteria from the genus of   Lactobacillus. The experimental settings in the lab and field conditions are ongoing.