Agrounik founded the company Biounik with the aim of its improving scientific and research work. This work is focused on innovations and creating new active materials that are based on microorganisms and their metabolites with applications in agricultural production. Bounik's mission is to participate through its scientific and research work in a variety of local and international projects, to engage science institutions and eminent experts in the field of biotechnology, and to employ highly educated staff who will continue working on developing new innovative products.


Biounik has modern equipped microbiology, plant physiology and agrochemical laboratories and a PCR laboratory, as well as an expert team which is involved in conducting local and foreign research projects. Basic microbiological analyses and the isolation of microbial strains from the natural environment are performed in the laboratory. Furthermore, the automated identification of microorganisms is carried out using Crystal Autoreader. In the PCR laboratory we work with plasmid and genomic DNA manually and using kits.


We are also equipped to isolate genomic and plasmid bacterial DNA, carry out PCR gene amplification for 16 S RNA, interpretate the results obtained by gel electrophoresis and UV transilluminator. We use biological and ELISA immunoenzyme tests to carry out the quantitative and qualitative determination of plant hormone content. We carry out physiological tests on plants in hotbeds, a phytotron and a greenhouse. Experiments are conducted all year round in our modern, equipped greenhouse, where we test our new active materials.

In our agrochemical laboratory, we determine the carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in soil and plant material. The laboratory is currently in the accreditation process for basic soil analyses.