AGROUNIK d.o.o. is engaged in scientific and research work in the fields of biotechnology, manufacturing, distribution and sale of microbiological preparations with applications in agricultural production. Agrounik has 12 registered and certified products that are applied as biofertilizers and inoculants for silage preparation in its product range. All preparations are the intellectual property of Agrounik and are patent-protected.

Industrial production of the microbiological fertilizer Slavol began in 2005 to the recipe of Dr Snežana Đorđević. The firm's headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Šimanovci, next to the Belgrade-Šid highway.

Distribution of the product range and training of consumers in the territory of Serbia takes places through the distribution centers in Belgrade, Bečej, Novi Sad, Sombor, Zrenjanin, Bela Crkva, Loznica, Smederevo, Čačak and Kruševac. Agrounik founded a representative office in Croatia – the company Agro-nika, which is headquartered in Vukovar, and also a representative office in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Agrounik in Bijeljina.


Agrounik is engaged in scientific and research work in the field of biotechnology and the manufacturing, distribution and sale of innovative microbiological fertilizers and biostimulators.


Agrounik's vision is to become the leader on the Western Balkans market for research, development, production, distribution and sale of microbiological and organic fertilizer in the next five years.

Our 10 values

Scientific work. Dedication to scientific and research work is the core of our potential for further growth and development.
Innovation. We are committed to developing new innovative products in order have influence over the development of the market and science.
Employee expertise. Our firm is made up of people with experience in different areas of agriculture and science.
Interpersonal relations. We try to maintain a positive working atmosphere in the organization.
Quality. The quality of our products is measured by yield and crop quality.
Operational efficiency.  We keep tabs on costs and consider the return value of our investments.
Ethics.  We respect the principles of ethical conduct and all agreements made with our clients and partners, and with all other internal and external stakeholders.
Result-oriented. We insist on clear accountability for achieving the planned results.
Leadership. We believe that to be that first at something, to have the courage, will and vision to reach a goal are a comparative advantage in today's dynamic world.
Value for owners. Sustainable creation of value for owners is a prerequisite for distributing values to stakeholders.


In addition to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Agrounik also exports to Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Greece. We have certificates and a license from the Danish Ministry of Agriculture, for importing our products, which opens up opportunities for expanding exports to other EU countries.

The registration of our products in Russia and America is currently underway.


Production takes place in our newly-built industrial plant which covers an area of 2,100 m2. The manufacturing plant is equipped the cutting-edge fermenters for multiplying microorganisms on an industrial scale and obtaining their metabolites. Modern, electronically-controlled packing lines efficiently and reliably pack products in different kinds of packaging. The warehouse area is equipped with pallet storage and controlled conditions for preserving and storing the finished products. Inspections of the production process are carried out in modern microbiology and plant physiology laboratories. Intermediate goods and finished products undergo quality control at every defined stage of the manufacturing cycle.

We have an HACCP certificate which guarantees standard quality at every stage of production and maximum safety of use of our products in agricultural production. Furthermore, we also have a certificate for the application of our products in organic production.




Agrounik is involved in projects of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, the Ministry of Agriculture and the StAR project of the World Bank, and cooperates with the Faculties of Agriculture in Zemun, Novi Sad, Osijek, Podgorica and Skopje, institutes in Smederevska Palanka, Čačak and Osijek, as well as with numerous professional agricultural offices in Serbia. In order for the results of the research to be available to agricultural producers, each year brochures detailing the results of experiements are printed, professional lectures are organized and training sessions on the benefits of using our technology in organic and conventional agricultural production are held.

Agrounik employs 18 full-time agricultural engineers (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) who are in daily contact with agricultural producers, convey and apply the results of scientific work, provide training and distribute products.

This has led to the creation of our motto: "Science from laboratory to field".