The Company

Agro-nika was founded in 2010 in Croatia as the daughter company of Agrounik. Agrounik founded the company out of its desire to market its products in Croatia and other European Union member countries. The company's headquarters are located in Trpinja near Vukovar. Agro-nika employs five agricultural engineers who sell products from the Agrounik range and cover the regions of Slavonija, Baranja and Zagorje.  Our engineers are experts in various agricultural fields and are always ready to advise producers about the application of our products and regular agricultural techniques. Furthermore, Agro-nika has established scientific and professional partnerships with the Agricultural Institute in Osijek, BC Hibdridi and the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. Our most important customers include Agrokor (Vupik, Belje and Pik Vinkovci), Fermopromet d.o.o., Žito d.o.o. (Croatia-wide cooperation), Papuk d.d. ad their business partners, Meretine d.o.o., Felix d.o.o., Fruk d.o.o., and many family-owned farms. Agro-nika's vision is to become a distribution center for the microbiological fertilizers in Agrounik's range for European Union member countries within 5 years.