ROOTING CUTTINGS of seasonal flowers

One of the ways to propagate plants is the multiplication of leaf cuttings. This done by cutting mature leaves into segments which have well pronounced nevation (developed nerves). The cut segments are placed in potting soil (substrate) at a 45° angle. Substrate used for rooting cuttings is sand or coarse peat, but in recent times mainly specialized substrates for rooting are now used. The temperature required for rooting is 21-24°C. The rooting process takes 60 to 85 days depending on the sort.                                            

Planting of cutting - an example with Pelargonium  Villa  Balcon red

1. Make the Slavol S solution (1 l Slavol S in 2.5 l of water).

2. Dip the containers in Slavol S solution.


3. Take cuttings from the plant.


4. Plant the cutting into the potting soil.